Gold award for Conservation, Briarfields Touring Park

We love doing this stuff…

We joined the David Bellamy Conservation Awards Scheme in 2015 as this is something really close to our hearts. We were absolutley over the moon with our first assessment granting us a Gold accolade. We have always been passionate about developing Briarfields in such a way that enhances our environment – this benefits each and everyone of us in the long term.  Find out what our David Bellamy Conservation assessment has to say about us.

So proud of our conservation awards

Native Hedges

During the upgrade and renovation of our touring pitches each year we are planting hundreds and hundreds of native hornbeam hedging; they are a better choice of boundary for wildlife than fences. Hedges allow wildlife to move around the park, provide feeding and breeding opportunities. They make natural windbreaks, creating sheltered pitches which is especially important for butterflies.

Hedge dividers between pitches

Hedge dividers between pitches

Continuously planting each year

Continuously planting each year

Mature shrubs across the grounds

Mature shrubs across the grounds

Garden Birds

We’re really trying to encourage a wide variety of birds to the park by increasing our bird tables, bird feeders and water stations each year. A recent guest of ours is a budding photographer and has kindly let me share some of her images of birds seen on the park during her stay with us. Thank you so much Caroline for letting us share your gorgeous photo’s.

Robins, Blue Tits, Blackbird, Goldfinch, Great Tits, Chaffinch to highlight a few…


We teamed up with our local bee keeping community towards the end of 2016. Following a visit to the orchard and a stroll around the park – they thought a beehive would be successful due to abundance of mature trees and shrubs around and about.

We initially introduced a lone beehive into our orchard area as a trial – it’s been a huge success and we now have 4 buzzing bee hives. The bees are absolutely loving the fruit blossom!

Spotted recently

Hedgehogs were spotted in the orchard area so we introduced some hedgehog igloos to keep them safe over their long hibernation. Lots of squirrels darting around the tree’s and shrubs burying food for a later time.


Some highlights

  • Extensive planting of native shrubs and hedges (hornbeem and beech hedging are our favourites) each year
  • Additional bird feeders, bird tables are added each year to keep the birds coming back
  • Recycle as much as possible and encourage our guests to do the same....5 recycling points can be found around the site
  • We review all our policies and contracts each year to ensure we are utilising local suppliers wherever possible
  • Low energy, solar sensor controlled lights, push taps wherever possible
  • Actively promote local businesses on all our noticeboards and displays
  • Excess fruit is given to Womans Insitute to make jams/chutneys for sale in support of local charities
  • Harvest rainfall for watering flowers beds and hedges etc
  • Distribute dead wood in all our borders to provide homes to our flourishing insect community
  • Tree prunings are chipped and used as mulch on all borders and flower beds to discourage weeds and reduce chemical use
  • Grass cuttings are mulched back into the grass to fertislise rather than using chemicals
  • Local cotswold stone chippings are used to repair hard-standing pitches
  • Sewing of wild flower seeds along the banks surrounding our little orchard
  • Planting of native fruit trees in our little orchard area - the bee's love the blossom
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